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Terms and conditions


General provisions

In this terms of use, the following notions will later be referred to as having the following meaning:
a) Store/Greta - Greta is an online store offering retail purchases, accessible at the domain www.gretastore.pl, managed by and a property of the Seller. Orders are available only via webpages within the domain gretastore.pl

b) Seller - Greta, conducting business activity under the company name Greta Sp. z o.o., with its main office at os.Złotej Jesieni 13, 31-828 Kraków, Poland.

VAT EU: PL6783162169. Questions and requests should be answered at the email address: info@gretastore.pl.

c) Customer – a natural person using the Store, with full legal capacity (henceforth at least 18 years of age), a legal person or an organizational entity, or not a legal person provided legal capacity of conducting purchases by the law.

d) Consumer – a natural person undertaking a legal act not directly related to business or professional activity (according to the Art. 22 of the Civil Code)

e) Account/ Customer account - collection of Customer information and actions undertaken by the Customer in the Store, including Customer data necessary for executing a submitted order, order record and execution status.

Account registration and usage

Customers are given possibility of registration at the Store, resulting in the creation of a Customer Account.
The provision of services within a Customer Account at gretastore.pl is not time restricted.
However, Customer is liable to terminate an Account by fulfilling a form of the abatement of the contract. This might be done at any time except for a situation in which the Store is engaged at processing an order previously submitted by the Customer. In such a case, the Account shall be terminated with the finalization of the order.
Product liability

All of the merchandise available at gretastore.pl is certified as brand-new, free of physical defects and was introduced to the Polish market legally and accordingly to the provisions of the Civil Code.
Prices displayed on the websites belonging to the main domain of the Store are stated in PLN (gross, adding the VAT tax and additional taxes). Pricing does not contain shipping and payment costs, which are individually decided on by Customer at the time of submitting an order.
VAT invoice is issued after a purchase of any merchandise available at the Store. Aninvoice is issued online and delivered at the email address given by Customer in the process of an Account registration. If clearly requested by a Customer, a VAT invoice might also be issued and delivered in a traditional (non-online) way.
Products available at gretastore.pl may be covered by a quality warranty issued on the terms of their manufacturer, importer or seller and valid within the borders of Poland. The boundaries of a time period covered with a warranty are specified in the description of each product available in the Store.
The Seller is to be held responsible for the defects of the products offered by the Store, as specified by the Consumer Law of the Republic of Poland. In cases of conducting purchases by Customers for a non-personal use, provisions of Civil Code concerning implied warranty for defects are excluded.
Information available at the webpages belonging to the domain gretastore.pl shall not constitute an offer as defined in the provisions of the Civil Code. By placing an order, Customer submits an offer of purchasing a specified product on the conditions outlined in the product description.
Shipping and delivery

After processing an order, the merchandise may either be delivered by the means of specialized delivery companies or might be collected personally by a Customer.
Shipping costs described in the Shipping Pricing which are available at gretastore.pl on the sub-page Costs and Means of Shipment or are individually outlined in the description of each product shall be covered by a Customer.
The contract established between a Customer and the Seller considering purchase of merchandise from the Store is considered to be one of a fixed time basing on the time of processing of an order. Finalization of a contract is recognized to take place at the moment of delivery of the ordered merchandise to the address indicated by Customer or in the moment of collecting the order personally by Customer.
In a situation in which large differences in the time of processing of an order consisting of several products shall occur, the Seller claims an authority to decide upon the division of the order into multiple shipments. Should such a case take place, the primary cost of the shipment agreed upon by a Customer does not change. In case of cancellation of a part of an order, only the price of the shipment tied to the products that remain undelivered or are the subject of lodging a complaint is revised by the Seller.
Customer is obliged to pay for the merchandise ordered at the Store, including the price of shipment, no later than 14 days from the day of establishing a contract between himself/herself and the Seller. This does not concern Customers who opt for payment during the personal collection of their order. The available methods of payment are:
a) Upon receipt – payment in cash remunerated to a representative of the delivery company or payed at the cash register at the company office during the personal collection of an order. In chosen cases, the Seller claims an authority to additional verification of similar orders by a phone call.

b) Via bank transfer – aimed at the Customers preferring logging into their bank account or visiting their bank branch independently. After submitting their order, a Customer shall receive a bank account number of the Store via email and is henceforth obliged to transfer an amount of money previously agreed on. From the moment of verifying an entry in the accounts of the Seller, Customer’s order undergoes further processing.

c) Via Dotplay.pl – payments via credit cards and online bank transfers are conducted by the means of either Dotplay.pl or Paypal. From the moment of the confirmation of payment, Customer’s order is liable to further processing.

Time of shipment does not exceed 40 days from the day of establishing a contract (hence placing an order by a Customer). Time of receiving the ordered products is considered to be the time of completion of the order combined with the time of the shipping. In case of Customer opting for the personal collection of their order, purchased merchandise shall await them at the main office of the company. Information on the possibility of collecting an order will be distributed to the Customer by the Seller via email or a phone call. Such an order should be collected within 14 days of receiving the mentioned information by a Customer. In case of the lack of collection of an order, the merchandise should be sent back to the repository and Customer’s order shall be revised.
Complaints and goods exchange

Faulty goods (complaints concerning merchandise covered by the implied warranty for defects) might be submitted via the form of complaints and goods exchange
In cases of receiving faulty goods, Customer is liable to request lowering of the price or cancellation of their order, provided that the Seller doesn’t take steps to exchange the purchased products or remove the defect being the cause of a complaint immediately and without excessive inconveniences for the Customer. However, this provision does not cover the cases in which the product being the subject of a complaint has already been repaired or exchanged by the Seller.
The Seller is obliged to consider a complaint on faulty goods within 14 days of its submission. If the Seller should not respond to a Customer within this time, Customer’s request is to be considered justified.
In each of the mentioned cases, when a response to Customer’s request is connected with a shipment of new or fixed merchandise, shipment costs should be covered by the Seller. In order to return purchased products, Customer should fill the field “declared value” (or tantamount to) on a waybill with the price of the merchandise being returned. This value is an equivalent to the declaration of the value of insurance covering the package.
According to the provisions of Consumer Law of the Republic of Poland within 14 days of receiving their order, Customer is liable to return the purchased merchandise without of providing a reason. This excludes services and products from purchasing which a Customer is not commissioned to withdraw, as stated by the Civil Code. The details of terminating an order, along with the description of cases in which Customer may not break a contract are further outlined in a legal briefing, available on this webpage as Annex 2 to Terms and Conditions. Provisions of this article are also applicable to terminating a Customer Account.
Privacy and personal data

The Seller collects and processes personal data provided by Customers accordingly to the Civil Code and Privacy Policy, enclosed in the Annex 1 to Terms and Conditions. By conducting purchases at the Store, Customers agree to processing their email address for the purpose of being sent a questionnaire enabling them to express opinions on processing of their order at gretastore.pl. Email addresses of Customers are henceforth liable to be processed by the Seller and Grupa Allegro Sp. z o.o. in order to transfer the questionnaire, data from which shall be used to publish customer review of the Store in the Internet.
Changes to terms of use

The Seller is entitled to change these provisions of the terms of use. Such a change becomes legally binding starting from the date indicated by the Seller, which however may not be shorter than 7 days from publishing a new version of Terms and Conditions at gretastore.pl. Orders submitted before that time should be processed accordingly to the provisions enclosed in the former version of Terms and Conditions.
If Terms and Conditions should be changed, Customers will be notified about the changes following their first login to gretastore.pl after a new version of this document becomes legally binding. Customers will be then asked to accept the new terms. By refusing to do so, Customers agree to termination of their Accounts.
Final provisions

Polish law applies to all cases not regulated by those Terms and Conditions.
All legal disputes concerning the services of the Store and the Seller should be settled by Polish common courts. Customers fitting the definition of Consumers are liable to use extrajudicial means of looking into complaints and obtaining redress before the Permanent Consumer Arbitration Court at the Regional Inspector of Trade Inspection in Warsaw. Information on the ways of accessing previously mentioned procedures can be found at www.uokik.gov.pl, on a sub-page “Rozstrzyganie sporów konsumenckich”


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