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Choosing your size

Choosing your size

The most important aspect of wearing garter belts and stockings is choosing the right size. A mismatched stockings size may cause unpleasant skin folds on your thighs, ripple or rotate around your leg. A mismatched garter belt size may slide down to your hips or fold.

Perfectly chosen size of stockings and garter belt will provide comfortable usage. They will be almost imperceptible, will make you feel extremly confident and will add tones of sex-appeal!

Here's our guide to choose your size perfectly!

We sew two types of garters:


Classsic garter belt with open back and hooks


Girdle – a bodyshaping type of garter in a form of a short skirt, which will be a perfect choice to wear with tight skirts or dresses.

The size of the girdle should be fitted perfectly to provide a great comfort, while still holding up the stockings for a whole day. It should be tight in the waist – it shouldn't twist or slide down to your hips. The circumferences you can see on our website are given in light and maximum extension. If you're not sure which size you should choose, we suggest ordering the bigger one in case of ordering the garter belt. We use a very solid elastic, so your garter will never stretch too much. The fastening has a three-step adjustment.
When it comes to the girdle type, we suggest ordering a smaller size if you're hesitating between two. This gartes' main function is to shape your silhouette – don't be afraid to take a smaller size! Choose the one with circuit (width multiplied by two) with strong, not light stretch, - corresponds to our measurments.

We guarantee you an exchange in case of ordering a wrong size. We are also able to sew a garter or a girdle fitted perfectly to your measurments – the cost will be slightly higher than the regular price.

We will be happy to answer any question and help you in choosing the right size of the garter at info@gretastore.pl.


How to choose the right size of nylon stockings?

Finding your perfect nylon size is a bit harder. Nylon stockings do not contain any elastane, so they are inextendible. Too big nylons will corrugate on the height of your ankle, it will rotate around your leg and the visible toe reinforcement will be too high. Too small stockings the to reinforcement will be on your feet – way too low than it should be. Additionaly, the stocking will be much lower than 1/2 of your thigh and the welt may be too tight. For the begginers, we suggest choosing cheaper models to find your perfect size – take a look at „vintage stockings” section!
The measurements you need to find your nylon size are: height, weight and shoe size (foot lenght). You also must take your preferences under consideration – think if you prefer higher or lower stockings.

We will be happy to answer any question and help you in choosing the right size of the nylons at info@gretastore.pl.

You must remember that the size you get while measuring yourdelf is only a starting point. What you must take under consideration is your physique, muscularity etc. This is why we suggest buying cheaper stockings for the begginers.

Size tables of nylon stockings

1. Cervin


2. Gio

Fully Fashioned




3. Gerbe



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